Kanye at the White House means the inmates are running the asylum

We’ve been knowing Kanye is crazy for awhile now — or at least perfecting his ratings grab. Nothing new there. But I guess watching Kanye’s latest eruption is like watching a man sit still and sing opera after he sets himself on fire; it’s kind of hard to look away.

Photo Courtesy of MSNBC

Last week was a little different though. Not because Kanye sounded any more sane because he most certainly did not. It was because of where he chose to lose his mind on this particular occasion. Kanye lost his mind in the White House last week, in full view of the current occupant and the rest of the world. But putting the sheer entertainment value of this spectacle aside for a moment (because taken at face value that’s all it really was, even if a bit perverse), this really wasn’t about Kanye anymore than the Brett Kavanaugh spectacle was about Brett Kavanaugh.

This was about a President of the United States, the most powerful and (once upon a time) most respected nation on Earth, who felt he actually had enough spare time on his hands on a workday to waste that time listening to Kanye rant and rave. Or maybe I should say wasting the American people’s time, since the Clown Prince was still on the clock when all of this was going down. I mean, like, doesn’t he have shit to do?

Look, the only thing now standing between Kanye West and any litter-strewn street corner in America spinning in circles and shouting at the pigeons is however much money is still in his bank account. Was a time when he was significant, but, like Dennis Rodman and others, it is quite apparent that time has passed. Why anyone bothers handing either of them the mic to share their totally uninformed views about damned near everything says a lot more about those handing over the mic, and those listening to whatever they choose to spew, than about the mental patients themselves. Allowing the inmates to take over the asylum is not usually a good idea.

But oh, darling, the ratings.

But how did inmate Kanye get the invite to the White House? And what purpose was this supposed to serve? Is it because Kanye likes to wear his MAGA hat all the time? Further proof that Kanye doesn’t know a damned thing about fashion? Actually, I think that might have something to do with it.

You might recall back in 2009 when Kanye caused a ruckus by rushing the stage at the Video Music Awards that year when Taylor Swift was receiving her award and embarrassing himself and everyone in the process. Shortly thereafter, President Obama caused an even bigger ruckus when he called Kanye a “jackass” for his stunt. Actually, he was apparently overheard making the comment, and the comment was then sent straight to Twitter. So the President didn’t actually hold a special news conference just to call Kanye a jackass. Still, OK, it wasn’t a nice thing to say, even if totally true. But you gotta believe Kanye, who may be a bit short on wits these days but has never been known to be short on ego, got a bit peeved that the nation’s first black POTUS called him a jackass. And especially after here he was the rapper who had enough balls to say that President George W. Bush didn’t like black people.

Fast forward roughly a decade and Kanye’s mental health has apparently deteriorated at about the same speed as that of the Republican party, which may explain why he thinks he belongs. This White House has been brought to you courtesy of Barnum and Bailey as viewed through the lens of American Horror Story. The White House has become the asylum, and the inmates are now truly in charge.

And this, good people, is where we are in America on October 14, 2018 AT (After Trump).

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